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What happened to my “apps” account?

All Google accounts have been renamed to remove the 'apps' from the username. Use your regular email address to log into Google products, including Chromebooks. Also use this address when sharing Google documents. Note that all district email is handled by Outlook.

Logging into a Chromebook

Use these instructions to log into a district Chromebook

Changing Screen Resolution on a Chromebook

This comes up a lot with NWEA testing. To change the resolution, press Ctrl+Shift+0 to reset it to normal. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Plus to increase it and Ctrl+Shift+Minus to decrease it.

Chromebook Screen Sideways or Upside-Down

You can fix this by pressing the CTRL, Shift and Refresh buttons at the same time.

Access to Google Classroom

Access to Classroom is managed by the teacher. Contact your teacher for further assistance.

Keep Your Files if you Leave the District

If you are leaving the district, including graduating seniors, and want to keep any of your Google documents, sheets, messages, etc, use Google Takeout for this. It will allow you to transfer your content to a personal account.

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