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Setting up your voicemail

Press the Messages button on your phone. If you haven't accessed it before, it will ask you for your password. Once you enter it, the system will walk you through setting up your greetings and inbox.

Checking voicemail from outside the district

Here are the steps to access your voicemail from outside the school:

  • Dial your number and wait for the greeting to play
  • Press the * key during the greeting
  • Enter your ID, which is your four-digit phone extension
  • Enter your voicemail password

If you have trouble, or don’t remember your password, open a helpdesk ticket and we’ll reset it.

Using the directory

On your phone, press the directories button. Use option 4 for the Company Directory. From here, you can search by first name, last name, or extension. You can use partial names to match as well.

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